No wastebaskets in Muvattupuzha.

Disclaimer: This is as always a useless post.

I do not know how many will believe me if I said I do not throw trash on the road/sidewalks. Well, believe me, I don’t. Or maybe never intentionally. 😛
So, today I was on my way back from Ettumanoor in a bus. I got down at the KSRTC Bus Station in Muvattupuzha without any trouble (considering the fact that I was traveling in that route for the first time). I had bought a bottle of water when I started the journey from Ettumanoor. Once I reached Muvattupuzha, the bottle was almost empty. Now, I had to walk approximately 2kms to get a connecting bus to the place where my home is. So I slouchily crossed the roads and got on the other side and started walking through the footpath. I was in search for a waste-bin too, because I wanted to dispose the bottle. I walked half the way and still wasn’t able to find a waste bin. When I finally reached the bus stop, I saw my sister there and handed the bottle over to her ( because she had a bigger bag and my bag was small enough to create an unattractive bulge in an otherwise sleek sling bag :P).
Maybe the title for this post is too harsh. Because I only walked 2 kilometers and if I had covered some more distance, I would’ve actually found a waste bin! But that’s just an assumption. If it was someone else in my place, and if that someone did not find a sister/relative in the middle of the road like I did, chances are that he/she would’ve disposed the bottle somewhere covertly.
Anyway, I hope the municipality decides to place waste bins every 2 kilometers (never happening! 😛 ) for people like me.
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