The way we dress.

Firstly, let me put this bold statement here – Indians dress for style. This is invalid for the major portion of India (rural), but this article is applicable only to the urban population.

When I was in India, i’ve seen people wearing jackets inside shopping malls, theatres, on beaches, grocery stores, etc. Furthermore they walk around in the sun, pose for pictures, share it on Instagram and Facebook with the caption – Chillin’.

Let me ask this question. How is it even “Chilling” when it’s 30-35 degrees with the sun shining right down your ass, and that you’re struggling to even eat a cone of ice-cream before it turns into liquid-cream? Moreover the jacket traps in the heat and increases the body temperature (the original purpose). Europeans wear close to nothing when it’s summer. And Indians wear jackets. It’s true that we are much more sensitive to sunlight but the fact that there exists something called a sunscreen and still don’t consider changing their dressing choices bewilders me.

Covering the whole body with a thick material when it’s sunny outside is not a comfortable dressing choice. It is also not cool to wear jackets. It’s hot.

And no, we don’t do this just in India – we do this if we go to a foreign land too. During my time in Drubba GmbH (summer job; which is situated in a place where you get bombarded with tourists every now and then), i’ve encountered a lot of behavioural differences between Indians and the rest. Clothing used to be the major differentiator. You guessed it right – Indians had jackets on! They had sweat all over their temple, going down the neck, but they still kept marching forward as though they’re Chilling.

My guesses on why we do this:

  • They feel it’s cold, but it’s actually not.
  • The jacket covers their fat ass.
  • They want to “chill” and get more likes on social media.
  • It’s actually cold.

But yeah, this is not a scientific analysis and is based only on a very few cases. Indians, including me, are nice.

Side note: I’ve also seen something peculiar with the Chinese too – they buy new suitcases and travel bags wherever they go. I could find no explanation for this on the internet.

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