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Anand Agarwala! MIT! Indian! and he founded edX.
I always loved the idea of online learning. First let me tell you something about how it is like to be in my uni. I study at this uni in KL called Cochin University of Science and Technology aka CUSAT. Its quite famous around here. I like it that im studying there but wish i had enrolled for a better course-with better faculty. I mean, most of them are like retire-retire type and the remaining are inexperienced. Some of them even try to anglicize too much making it difficult for us to understand stuff(Not that i understand everything they teach).
3 years into uni life and that’s when i heard about edX, which isย  a non-profit organization that provided courses(+certificates) for free for all age groups. I was dead sure that i will be doing computer science and programming.
So i was waiting for edX to launch officially and they published their course brochure, which basically consisted of the courses that they offered in Fall 2012. I found 2 computer science based courses (I was a computer-obsessive in high school) and 1 chemistry based course interesting and decided to enroll for those 3 courses. I wasn’t sure of completing all of them because deadlines for assignments and homeworks overlapped.ย  I started the program with enthusiasm, but I soon felt alone and unsupported. I had no one to impress or disappoint. I struggled to stay motivated. It was impersonal and transactional, and it nearly destroyed my obsession.
In Spring 2013, I enrolled for CS188.1x Artificial Intelligence and found it surprisingly boring and opted out from CS188.1x and two other courses from Fall 2012 as well!

The thing is that a face-to-face meeting in a classroom imposes accountability, inspires effort and promotes academic responsibility in subtle ways that we students don’t fully appreciate.

Also, in a campus, students attend class and stay alert because they worry what the teacher will think if they don’t.

Read More about the trouble with online education by Mark Edmundson, a professor of English at the University of Virginia, and the author of โ€œWhy Read?โ€

Mark Edmundson is right to point out the pedagogical limitations of online education, but the fact is that i won a certificate from edX for successful completion of “3.091x introduction to Solid State Chemistry” with a 7gpa.
That goes into my CV. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Certificate edx 3.091

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