This MP is actually putting India on the map!

This is Dr Shashi Tharoor. He’s a PhD in Law from Tufts and is currently serving as the MP for the Indian constituency of Thiruvananthapuram. I’ve been in this social media (feed) bubble where people talk about India and its greatness as a country of manifold possibilities. So this talk of his popped up in my news feed and I have to say this — I am a fan. He talks in a deadpan manner with precision and directness that no politician in India can mimic. That being said, I cannot comment on the true realities of the accusations against him (wife’s murder); and me being a bad judge of character, I don’t want anyone reading this to trust this (or anything) blindly — but I firmly think this guy can take India places. I mean India is actually on the map for many — for wrong reasons possibly. But this guy reminds us the right reasons, and reiterates why India can go big at every possible venue; all this while reconciling the reality of praesens tempus. That’s where I see his true greatness.

This talk is limited to the real estate possibilities in the country, but needless to say a simple Google search can lead you to many more addressings by this literary genius.

I am often asked why, despite my international career, I have set all my books so far in India. The answer is simple. My formative years, from the ages of three to 19, were spent growing up in India. India shaped my mind, anchored my identity, influenced my beliefs, and made me who I am. India matters immensely to me, and in all my writing, I would like to matter to India. Or, at least, to Indian readers. — Dr Shashi Tharoor