Dreaming for a Startup Spring!

Its been a long time since ive posted something here. I don’t think i like to call this my company website anymore. There’s nothing you’ll find about our start-up here.

Its been over a year since ive been associated with this thing called TMedia..I sometimes wish i could just let it go.. but to be frank i think ive already left TM. Its like i want more of my education thing to move up in my priority list than some start-up that brings just fame. Looking for a long term happiness+awesomeness is the idea. There’s nothing like studying hard and getting placed somewhere and making your parents proud. All these kids coming up with a start-up just to “gain-20%-attendance”-bullshit + importance in the society-that ignored them before, makes me feel sick.
There is no Innovation. And that’s my point. Lets take TM. Its true that TM helped me a lot- financially plus in making new friends- all this time, but the thing is..- Ill put it like this. If TM were a company that made some mobile app or did stuff that had something to do with Artificial Intelligence, I would’ve never left(not that i left TM technically). In fact I would’ve enjoyed my time there! But in branding, the thing is that this stuff is ordinary, i mean, Anyone can do this stuff! Its just that they dont take the time to learn things. But when i say this most of you would say its the same for any kind of start-up. Yes. Its is. But! In my case-what im trying to say here is-you should have some interest in the kind of profile you’re trying to build among other start-ups. Branding doesn’t interest me.
I love the drawing-in-illustrator part but like i said, there is no innovation. Its Startup Winter. 


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