Revelations from the "Slang" Dictionary

What’s happening?
Since I’m so much into books these days, I tried reading a 300 page Dictionary yesterday ! It was not just any  dictionary, it was an American Slang dictionary!
I bought it off a second hand book store last week . It contained a metric shitload  of words used by crunk teenagers in the US of A. And so,  I opened up a page at random and the word that I bumped into is JISM!!
Yep. The Infamous  Sunny Leone – starring bollywood movie! While I cogitate
about what Pooja Bhatt had in mind when she named this film Jism, you guys take a look at the meaning of the word, in case you didn’t know. (Ignore this post if you think this was a late find 😛 )
Time to cruise.


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