Personal information on the WWW.

Maybe this is a very late thought that sprouted in my mind, but the amount of information that I have (or any mid 20’s guy/girl has) on internet is scary. This is how it is like for me: If I ignore the information that I put on LinkedIn, and such “beneficial” websites, and take only the case with Facebook; Facebook has more detailed and precise information on my previous employers, the time I spent there, the people I worked with, and more. I’ve been listening to a lot of “startalkradio” these days. And startalkradio via Neil deGrasse Tysons voice seeded this thought in my mind. Since I get easily influenced by verbose people, I took down all personal information from Facebook. I realized Facebook is not my CV.

Next step is to remove people that I don’t know from my friend list. They all have access to my personal information. I don’t know why this was never so obvious to me when I was in my undergraduate school. Maybe I was stupid then. Maybe I still am.Why am I posting my actions in real world here? 😛

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