Making of 'Love Ur Lab' Teaser Video

Yay! so done with the teaser video for “lul”.
Just the editing part took 4 days! Shoot was completed in one day after close to 50 retakes.
Learned to work on Adobe After Effects , and Premiere Pro too.
Polymore is a startup – polymer -company that is still in its planning stage, and will be headed by Azhar Abdul Razak once it is implemented. Sajl is the person seen in the video.
Logo n all future vid for “lul” was/will be made by me. 😀

This project was given to them(Sajl & Azhar) as an assignment by our HOD. I dont know how I became a part of It.
Our 1st equipment tutorial vid is still in its post production stage. Hoping to release it before Nov 4 2013.
Watch out this YouTube channel for more :
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Video Description:
Love Ur Lab is an initiative by Department of Polymer Science & Rubber Technology and Polymore™ to help students, engineers and research fellows to instill in them a passion and love towards the laboratory and its equipments because it is these lab that has gifted us great innovations and inventions.
We hope our little attempt will be a great success and we’re looking forward to your support for the same.
So, lets start loving our lab!

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