“We venerate loyalty – to our schools, employers, institutions, friends – as a virtue. Loyalty, however, can be at least as detrimental an influence as it can be a beneficial one.”

The statement in itself is general in nature, as it assumes that all human beings show reverence to our institutions by default. While this may not be the case in reality, for the purpose of brevity, I concur to the aforementioned assumption.

Personally, I also agree to the latter sentence in the quotation which takes a disinterested stance. Benefits of having a loyal employee can be manifold for the employer. Loyalty can lead to improved commitment to the job, higher productivity from the concerned employee, decreased stress related issues, and lead to overall betterment of the company. If you are a loyal friend, one can show empathy and look out for each other – which can create a long lasting friendship.

In my opinion, too much loyalty can create several other problems from the family stand point. A loyal employee might miss out on his/her child’s special event at school, or his/her wedding anniversary. These trivial events can tip the scales in finding a work-life balance. If one tries to be overtly loyal, it might occur to your friend that you are, in reality a foe with secret intentions.

To conclude, I would suggest to be wary of everything and everyone around you, while keeping an eye out for the righteous ones.

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