This page is not up-to-date – here are a few links though!

  • Github: I taught myself how to use Github after listening to Brian Yu (CS50) back in 2016. Since that day I’ve been constantly working on going beyond the nitty-gritty’s of this amazing developer community. Since my project involves a lot of coding, and use of many machines, having the code somewhere safe in the cloud comes in very handy. Here’s the live video from CS50 that got me started:
  • PC Part Picker: Since my school days I’ve shown interest in bricolage/DIY crafts. Some time ago I built a PC — again by making use of PC forums and YouTube videos — basically the Internet. The process was a bit scary as it was my first time building one, and I read about how parts may not be compatible with each other. A friend suggested this website and r/buildapc, which got rid of all my fears. Here’s a clip from when the PC did not boot the first time!
  • Linux: I get excited when people talk about Linux and the FOSS community. The first time I used a Linux distro was back in 2013 when I dual booted Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and Windows 8. I got rid of my original Windows installation after a year or so. Since then I’ve seen infinite kernel panics and data loss, but enjoyed every bit of it! Previously I’ve run OpenSUSE (GNOME), Matriux, Ubuntu (Unity), Fedora, ArchLinux (Cinnamon, Xfce, LXDE, Plasma), BlackArch. I switched to ArchLinux permanently in 2017 with Plasma desktop. I’ve made a lot of mistakes while running Linux and is no expert with any of the distros — therefore I always carry a dedicated USB with ArchLinux ISO dd-ed on it so as to chroot whenever required. Whenever I do make a major mistake, I post it on twitter or make a wallpaper out of it!
    From the time when I ruined permissions in Linux!
    Once I accidentally force wiped all data from my main HDD!

    When I interrupted a kernel upgrade with Ctrl+C!