I’m not Hindu.

I wonder how people would treat me (in Europe) if I decided to walk into a church. I’m pretty sure I’m going to get a lot of confused stares. Brown guy (who in all probabilities should be a Hindu/Muslim) inside a church? Not weird. Because Christianity is very common in India. Yes, most of them probably got converted from Hinduism during missionary visits ¬†back in 1700s*. These missionaries travelled through sea, and is the reason why south-India has a christian majority — and that means I am from one of the southern states of India (Kerala). My family traditionally belongs to this class of christians called Malankara Jacobite Syrian Christian Church. My father, in fact, is an ordained priest from this particular division.
Once I happened to visit this place called Konstanz in Germany with my colleague. I was exiting a church over there and one middle aged lady kept staring at me with an eerie look on her face. I made sure she was looking (staring) at me by moving my head around — and yes we were making stable eye contact. I don’t want to exaggerate this incident and make it seem a racist thing — it was just a random stare. But this was a bit weird for me to experience at that point of time (Assuming she meant to offend me). This, as of now is the only bad experience I’ve had in my two year long stay in Germany and France combined! Assuming the stare lasted 20 seconds,¬†3.17e-7 seconds of racism (not sure if it was!) is all I’ve experienced in these two years. Which is good.

*This is a bad approximate and is based on my family statistics: my late grandmother’s [97] grandmother was Christian.