Fix ssh timeout

If the SSH server you are connecting to has a timeout set in its configuration, it normally disconnects you after some time of inactivity to free up its resources. Adding a simple line of code to your ssh_config or ssh alias can help you stay connected “forever”. Additionally this post assumes you do not have […]

Polymer Science

LAMMPS Cheatsheet Dr Arghya Dutta suggested we make a git markdown page with information on how to work with LAMMPS (and Linux) to do molecular dynamics simulations. This independent project is slowly progressing to a complete manual on MD.  This can be found here.


Thesis Template [RevTeX] [Journal Format] [Two Column] If you are in the scientific community you might’ve already heard about RevTeX. This is basically a package made by APS, which can be added to any TeX distribution. This package lets you write TeX files in approved format using some predefined macros. Here is the documentation for […]