Array Pair Sum

A problem statement from Arden Dertat’s “programming questions” series: Given an integer array, output all pairs that sum up to a specific value k. The first method need not be always the best method, but I try to get the result right without caring about the algorithm or efficiency. This method revolves around the use […]

Better late than never

While I still havent started using the full Visual Studio package (which is much more advanced than VSCode), I feel this is a tool that every programmer has to have. Debugging a code in vim has always been a pain the neck. With VS Code, one can define breakpoints in the code and visualize the […]

Career plans

I feel like I have finally come into terms with what I want to do with my career after the PhD. Although a postdoc won’t hurt, I am not very certain how far that will take me. Teaching is something that I might consider in future, but at this juncture I feel otherwise. Given that […]

Academic Fatigue?

Pretty straight forward with this title here. Is there such a thing called academic fatigue? This is a phenomenon (not really but just realised from personal experience that there could exist such a thing) where someone in academia realises that he/she has done so much of learning/school (successful/unsuccessful) that he/she cannot take any more academic […]


Alright so it’s been sometime since I wanted to post something meaningful. This one is about a “brass cladding” aka Stolpersteine that you can easily spot in most European towns – as of 2018, 70000 of such historically meaningful claddings have been installed across the continent. Its almost like geocaching but for a greater meaning […]

Working in France

Today I complete 2 continuous years of being in France as a researcher/student. I first came to France in 2015 to do a semester in the University of Strasbourg as a master student. In 2016 I came back to the same city to do my master thesis. Later I started my PhD in 2017 with […]

Polymer Science

LAMMPS Cheatsheet Dr Arghya Dutta suggested we make a git markdown page with information on how to work with LAMMPS (and Linux) to do molecular dynamics simulations. This independent project is slowly progressing to a complete manual on MD.  This can be found here.

I’ll do a PhD.

March 11 2017: I’m ​thinking of asking my supervisor to let me do a PhD under his supervision. I’ve already had some sort of discussion with my group head regarding this and there’s already a PhD position available with him and Dr Semenov as supervisors. The topic is also interesting, but the only reason I’ve […]