Career plans

I feel like I have finally come into terms with what I want to do with my career after the PhD. Although a postdoc won’t hurt, I am not very certain how far that will take me. Teaching is something that I might consider in future, but at this juncture I feel otherwise. Given that […]

Academic Fatigue?

Pretty straight forward with this title here. Is there such a thing called academic fatigue? This is a phenomenon (not really but just realised from personal experience that there could exist such a thing) where someone in academia realises that he/she has done so much of learning/school (successful/unsuccessful) that he/she cannot take any more academic […]


Alright so it’s been sometime since I wanted to post something meaningful. This one is about a “brass cladding” aka Stolpersteine that you can easily spot in most European towns – as of 2018, 70000 of such historically meaningful claddings have been installed across the continent. Its almost like geocaching but for a greater meaning […]

Working in France

Today I complete 2 continuous years of being in France as a researcher/student. I first came to France in 2015 to do a semester in the University of Strasbourg as a master student. In 2016 I came back to the same city to do my master thesis. Later I started my PhD in 2017 with […]

Polymer Science

Introduction to Polymers From the chemical side From the physical side, George Phillies on Polymer Dynamics Books on Polymer Physics Theory of polymer dynamics (course notes) Polymer solutions Polymer physics Data analysis tricks and numerical recipies for viscoelastic properties: Yn-Hwang, John D. Ferry Molecular Dynamics Allen and Tildesly J. M. Haile Daan Frenkel Polymer Engineering […]

I’ll do a PhD.

March 11 2017: I’m ​thinking of asking my supervisor to let me do a PhD under his supervision. I’ve already had some sort of discussion with my group head regarding this and there’s already a PhD position available with him and Dr Semenov as supervisors. The topic is also interesting, but the only reason I’ve […]


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