For the love of linux

I like Linux. Mostly because by installing Linux I was able to salvage my laptop which took like 15 minutes to boot (since it ran Windows). The first time I used Linux was back in 2013 when I dual booted Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and Windows 8. I got rid of my original Windows installation after […]

Build a PC

I used PC Part Picker to build my PC. Since my school days, I’ve enjoyed bricolage/DIY crafts. Some time ago I built a PC — by making use of PC forums and YouTube videos — basically the Internet. The process was a bit scary as it was my first time building one, and I read […]

Learn to use Git

Brian Yu (CS50)’s Youtube Live taught me how to use Github back in 2016. Since that day I’ve been constantly working on understanding the nitty-gritty’s of this amazing tool. Since my project involves a lot of coding, and using many machines, having the code somewhere safe in the cloud comes in very handy. Here’s the […]

Christmas again

So its that time of the year again. 2015. There was this excitement of not knowing how Christmas is in Europe. The place where I attended university, Strasbourg, has this age-old tradition of cutting a ~30ft tall tree, planting it in the city centre — Place Kleber, decorating it with lights and artificial gifts, calling […]


On the 19th of October 2019, I got married to my girlfriend. We’d been in a relationship since 2013 and it feels great to be married. We both have been tested with distance and time trying to force us apart, but in the end, everything went as planned. The most exciting part was our romantic […]

Array Pair Sum

A problem statement from Arden Dertat’s “programming questions” series: Given an integer array, output all pairs that sum up to a specific value k. The first method need not be always the best method, but I try to get the result right without caring about the algorithm or efficiency. This method revolves around the use […]

Better late than never

While I still havent started using the full Visual Studio package (which is much more advanced than VSCode), I feel this is a tool that every programmer has to have. Debugging a code in vim has always been a pain the neck. With VS Code, one can define breakpoints in the code and visualize the […]

Career plans

I feel like I have finally come into terms with what I want to do with my career after the PhD. Although a postdoc won’t hurt, I am not very certain how far that will take me. Teaching is something that I might consider in future, but at this juncture I feel otherwise. Given that […]