Academic Fatigue?

Pretty straight forward with this title here. Is there such a thing called academic fatigue? This is a phenomenon (not really but just realised from personal experience that there could exist such a thing) where someone in academia realises that he/she has done so much of learning/school (successful/unsuccessful) that he/she cannot take any more academic […]

Working in France

Today I complete 2 continuous years of being in France as a researcher/student. I first came to France in 2015 to do a semester in the University of Strasbourg as a master student. In 2016 I came back to the same city to do my master thesis. Later I started my PhD in 2017 with […]

Was in India for some time

Yes, so after two consecutive years in Europe, I went back to my hometown to spend some time with my parents. I did not meet my sister this time though. Maybe next time we’ll time our visits and be home together. I also wanted to get involved with the community there, maybe talk to people […]

I’ll do a PhD.

March 11 2017: I’m ‚Äčthinking of asking my supervisor to let me do a PhD under his supervision. I’ve already had some sort of discussion with my group head regarding this and there’s already a PhD position available with him and Dr Semenov as supervisors. The topic is also interesting, but the only reason I’ve […]

I’m not Hindu.

I wonder how people would treat me (in Europe) if I decided to walk into a church. I’m pretty sure I’m going to get a lot of confused stares. Brown guy (who in all probabilities should be a Hindu/Muslim) inside a church? Not weird. Because Christianity is very common in India. Yes, most of them […]

One year.

So it’s been quite a journey here in Germany. And it’s getting close to one year from when I actually set off from my small village in India. Last year this time I was at my friend Anaghas apartment in Bangalore, constantly travelling back and forth between the embassy and her place to get my […]