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Bayside citizens need to consider raising local taxes if they want to see improvements in the Bayside School District. Test scores, graduation and college admission rates, and a number of other indicators have long made it clear that the Bayside School District is doing a poor job educating our youth. Our schools look run down. Windows are broken, bathrooms unusable, and classroom equipment hopelessly out of date. just across the Bay, in New Harbor, school facilities are up-to-date and in good condi difference is money New Harbor spends twenty-seven percent more per student than Bayside does, and test scores and other indicators of student performance are stronger in New Harbor as well.

The author has presented a thorough argument regarding release of more funds to Bayside School District. Since the article is regarding finances, the “other indicators” used to judge the school performance should also be indiscreetly mentioned. The evidence presented to demonstrate the dilapidated condition of the school district does not include statistics of students who ¬†took alternate career paths or joined apprenticeships or national services right after school. Therefore the evidence seems inaccurate to a purist.

It should also be checked if the school security has been compromised, as the article illustrated conditions that may have occurred from actions of external forces. Also, while the comparison across schools are beneficial in understanding the low that the school is presently in, the number of students in the New Harbor School District should also be taken into account while presenting per capita spending.

Therefore, a closer review of the evidences are required before granting funds to the school district under study.

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